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The Calicut Medical College Alumni Association-UK

The Calicut Medical College is oine of India's pre-eminent medical schools with a long tradition of medical excellence. Nestled in the city of Calicut(Kozhikode) in the state of Kerala, South India the  Calicut Medical College was established in 1957 as the 2nd Medical College in Kerala. Since  then ,the institution has grown into a premier center of Medical Education in the state. The vast and sprawling Medical College complex is spread over an extensive area of 270 acres located in picturesque surroundings about 10 km from the heart of Calicut. It is affiliated to the University of Calicut and serves 2/5th  of the population of Kerala. Its alumni share a close bond with the alma mater and with each other and are now spread across the globe.


The MBBS batches are named after the numerical order of joining, the initial batch being the '1st Batch' which joined in the year 1956. The 56th batch joined in August 2012.


More details about Calicut Medical College are available at the official websites and as well as this Wikipedia  page